About this blog

What can you expect here?

I’m enthusiastic about Guatemala because everything is interesting to me!

I report on everything that I experience during my travels to and within Guatemala, but also about every other information and news that I receive orally through relatives, friends and acquaintances, or by other means as news, radio, newspapers, facebook etc. I focus (but not exclusively) on Chimaltenango, Jutiapa and the capital because my personal connections to these regions are closest. I also focus on basic and budget life!!! Enjoy your life without luxury.


1. Everything that has to do with the daily life of the people in Guatemala.

2. Curiosities

3. Flashbacks and hints of my trips and travels, in Guatemala and Central America.

4. Information on travel planning, or for a longer stay in Guatemala.

5. Books, music, shops, 

What you cannot find on my blog:

Probably less information about the “Tourist beaten tracks”. I went to Chichi (Chichicastenango) only once, for 4 hours and I did not like it very much.  If you want to visit the typical tourist destinations, you will probably find, what you are looking for, in the travel guides. If you are looking for unusual or strange destinations, you might find some tips! There are few contributions to politics and no general social criticism. Anyone who wants to inform about the political situation in Guatemala, can do this, on the pages of the various Guatemala solidarity and network organizations.

Guatemala is paradise for me and others. Guatemala is also hell – that should be taken for granted! You can not love Paris and hate the Eiffel Tower. It belongs to the city! You can not love Guatemala and travel the country, but then keep being upset about politics, environmental degradation, poverty and crime. The dark side of Guatemala has been part of the country since the conquest by the spaniards. You must learn to live with Guatemalas dark site and accept it!

Help and improvements on a small scale and individually are always possible !! But the “we must improve the world” idealists, just suffer from reality loss. Many Guatemalans live happier than we do, despite daily struggle to survive!!

Viva Guatemala!!

Bandera Guatemalteca
Bandera Guatemalteca