Your Personal Pathfinder

To all interested persons

I like to to share my knowledge and my experiences. If something on the webpage attracts your attention, I offer the following:

Photo service

You found a photo on my blog and you like it!

For PRIVATE, NON COMMERCIAL purposes, I allow everyone to use my photos, except photos of me and my friends and relatives. If you like to get an original, higher resolution version, please contact me by e-mail. I will send you the original.

Information service

Do you have questions about an article? Whatever question about Guatemala? My brain contains the data of about 20 books around Guatemala and hundreds of newspapers (issues of the Prensa Libre,), as well as the results of hundreds of hours surfing the web and locking for everything connected with Guatemala. Not to forget the experiences of approximately 3 years of living and traveling in the country.

JUST SEND ME AN E_MAIL WITH YOUR QUESTION: I will do my very best to answer.

Your virtual and and real pathfinder

If you plan a conventional journey to centralamerica, please buy a Lonely planet travelguide and search the common forums. There is already enough information.

If you are looking for something really different, I am ready to help you, to plan your journey and maybe in years to come, we may be travel mates. Things I have done in Centralamerica and which I will do again, you can find in the following mixed list:

  • learning a mayan language instead of spanish
  • visiting villages, where no other tourists show up
  • dark tourism – seeing the place of crimes or visiting places where massacres took place during the civil war
  • live with poor guatemalans
  • traveling the extremely basic way – spending the time in 5$ hotel rooms (including sometimes cockroaches and more) – NO JOKE!
  • Or alternately, traveling basic by spending the night in very simple but clean rooms
  • knowing the poorer red-light zones
  • walking through the slums of Guatemala-City (where possible)
  • buying used cloth and other items at low prices
  • visiting the smaller archeological sites, where few tourists appear
  • hang around in departamentos like Jutiapa, Chiquimula, Totonicapan or San Marcos.
  • eat like a normal poor Guatemalan (normally just all kind of corn and bean food and sweat bread, but sometimes also ants, bitter flowers or Tacuacin / opossum).
  • visit a soccer-match or a concert of a latinamerican singer / band or a cantina (outside Antigua or Pana)
  • talk to all kind of people, but particularly to mayas and ladinos from the lower part of society (who represent the vast majority of the nation)!

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Co – Author wanted

If you would like to publish some articles on Guatemala – zeit, please contact me. Everything, even trivial informations of everyday life, are welcome. If you are a big Guatemala -Fan, there is surely a lot I can learn from you.

Yours truly

Paco the German