Trip to Miraflores

Guatemala-city or Guate, is a loud, hectic, sometimes dangerous place and the traffic is getting worse. Fortunately, there are also quiet oases, within the urban jungle.
Those places include the Military Museum, the Botanical Garden and El cerrito del Carmen. Not far from Tikal Futuro, I recently discovered a new oasis: the Miraflores Museum.

You can take the bus or taxi to Tikal Futuro hotel on the “carretera Roosevelt”. Right next to Tikal Futuro is the Miraflores Shopping Center. When you stand in front of the the shopping center, walk into the direction outside town and take the next street, turning to the left. Walk straight ahead for about 500m. On the left side, you will see a sign: Museo Miraflores.

The museum

The first thing you may notice is the emptiness. In the morning you are certainly the only visitor. At the weekend you might meet a few individuals and families, but it stays quiet. The museum offers a small but fine collection of archaeological finds. All finds are from Guatemala-city, more precisely from the area around Kaminalyuju. Strangely, all finds belong to the Cotzumalguapa culture! That means all this stuff was not produced by classical Mayans.

Behind the museum is a large park, with a hill offering a nice view from the top. Ideal for a little walk. Perfect for relaxing, reading or a small picnic. Park benches and tables are available. Admission: 25 Quetzales, locals and foreigners pay the same price!







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