Hello world, a new start!

Hello world. After a long time of inactivity, I am back again. I hope, that step by step, more people will read my articles and notes about the most beautiful country in the world.

Guatemala-zeit, which means Guatemala time in German, will tell you stories and notes and a lot of strange stuff, about this marvelous place to be. I changed from German to Globish for two reasons:

  1. NUMBERS==> There is a much larger English speaking community. The number of travelers who come to Guatemala and understand English is much higher than the German speaking group.
  2. The European data protection law, just scared me. Therefore I removed all data collecting plugins and the possibility of comments from the website. To compensate this and because I feel there is no sense, in concentrating on the German community, I have decided to write in English.

I apologize (ONLY THIS TIME) for all the mistakes, I will make as a non-native speaker!

I am sure, everybody who wants to understand me, understands. Start with your critique, when your German (I am native speaker), your Spanish (I am fluent) and your Kaquchikel (I have reached a solid basic level) can be compared with my skills!

In the month to come, I will translate and release the existing articles in german, but of course there will be also new articles.

I hope you enjoy and like, what you learn on Guatemala – Zeit / Guatemala – Time – time.

Yours truly

Paco the German