Childs sayings from Guatemala

Here is a small collection of sayings I have heard from children in Guatemala in the course of time and which I gradually add to this page

1.Que marca de Carro es esto? Toyota! Te pego por idiota!

What brand of car is that? Toyota! I’ll hit you because you’re an idiot.

2. Mata coche tu papa? (clap). Then: No, tiene miedo de la sangre.
Does your dad slaughter pigs? Clap to scare the other! Then you say no, you are afraid of blood.

3.Mire la arana, tu papa no se bana.            Look at the spider, your daddy doesn’t wash.

4.Dame la mano, cara de banano. Dame las dos, me caso con vos.
Give me the hand banana face, give me both, I’ll marry you.

5.Como esta? Bien piscina pero con tenis!

Literally, how are you? Quite a swimming pool but with sneakers. But sounds like: Pretty shitty, but satisfied.

6. (magic spell) Por el poder del orinoco, ya de vuelves loco. Through the power of the Orinoco, you become crazy!

As ther is still enough space, I add a little experience of a sign, which I saw in Llanquin:

Ojo! Ladron! Dios lo mire todo!   Attention thief! God sees everything.

And the well known amendment, written below:

Pero no se lo cuenta a nadie (better Spanish: contara a nadie).        But he tells no one about it.