Travel to the center of the Americas

Where is the center of America? Probably depends on who you ask. What is part of the American continent? If you as an amateur are asked whre the center of gravity may be, you would surely expect it to be somewhere in Central America.

Centro de las Americas

Well, a researcher from the small town of CUILAPA, helps us out. Right in the town, situated in the Santa Rosa Department, is the middle of the new world. A small monument, in the parking lot in front of the church indicates the point, with a pendulum.

If you walk 3 blocks from there, you will come to the park, where you will also find the Municipal Government (Muni), the Culture House, a small museum with finds of the Xinca culture and the tourist information. While I was looking around, I was approached by an elderly lady. She explained to me, that it has now been discovered that the center of America lies, just outside the village, within the military base there. A new monument is already planned. With such a large continent, a deviation of 1-2km can happen. Unfortunately, the old lady had no idea about the Xinca culture, and could not say anything about the objects in the museum. Even the secretary in the culture house is unaware. But both were very, very friendly, . Showed me the craft / art objects of the schoolchildren and the pottery course on site.

Kulturhaus 2








Two students from Cuilapa are currently teaching a tour guide at INGUAT (Ministry of Tourism). Soon you will be better informed during a visit. The museum is also under construction.

park of Cuilapa

CUILAPA is not a dream destination. But anyone, who is traveling nearby, should please stop by. The people are very friendly. It is not as hectic as in nearby Barberena and you can already perceive the typical mentality of the Oriente (of the East) of Guatemala! And the generally hot, but dry weather will make your day!

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