Murder and manslaughter?!

Monday, February 26, 2018. I have read the newspapers again and have noticed: It was a normal weekend. As a contribution to the other reality of Central America, I show a brief summary of the news.


 “Nuestro Diario” tells us:

  • Shots on teenagers in front of petrol station in Escuintla. Hector Gutierrez is taken to the hospital with several abdominal shots. Avila Rivera (26) is dead immediately.
  • Shot in the car. In Villa Nueva Eswin Pojoy (35) was shot in his car. He had been drinking with friends and had left home alone after midnight. Since he was shot directly in the head and he still had all the papers and cash with him, the National Police does not assume a robbery.
  • In Zone 2 of the capital, a woman who could not be identified, was shot dead in the front door of a hotel. Apparently she wanted to escape 2 people who were pursuing her with a motorcycle, when they shot her in the back. A police patrol who happened to be nearby could arrest the suspects after a chase.
  • On a deserted site in Mazatenango, the body of an unidentified woman was found. The body was undressed and showed signs of blunt force on the head. The woman’s clothes were found near the body.
  • Policewoman Lisbeth Rivas, 38, was arrested in Guastatoya. The allegation is abduction, heavy robbery and membership in a criminal organization.
  • In a pub in Zacapa, there was a dispute after a discussion between two men. The police arrested Rony Gomez on suspicion of murder. He is accused of having killed Marvin Diaz with a piece of broken glass.
  • Nephew murdered uncle and tried to burn body. In Jalapa William Bautista has murdered his uncle Ambrosio Guttierrez with a machete and then tried to burn the body. The police is looking for the suspect.

The newspaper “Prensa Libre”

brings almost only politics, culture and sport today. The short messages about the usual violence are missing. However, there is an article describing the past few days in Chimaltenango.

The headline is,

Explosion of violence in Chimaltenango

In recent days, a total of 6 men were killed in several attacks. All victims are young men between 18 and 35 years. The police spokesman told the newspaper, that there are clashes between rival gangs because of their territories.
Explanation: The Mara 18 also called Barrio 18, once again violently tries to take over the business in Chimaltenango. The Mara salvatrucha, who different from most parts of the capital, still dominates in Chimaltenango, reacts with brutal attacks to assert its territory.

Just when I read the news, my wife tells me that after shopping at the market, she passed the spot, where a woman and her daughter were gunned down. The woman was dead immediately, the daughter died in the hospital. On Facebook, it is already discussed what are the causes and motives.

Is there anything else? On the various news channels in Face, of course, you can find even more violent acts that have not made its way into the newspapers today.

All in all; a normal Monday.

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