Culinary – second time

Guatemala is not a country for the gourmet. But of course, there are a myriad of options to feed and eat every day.

Therefore, today there is an article on all the “snacks” and dishes that I’ve met in recent months, or tried again, or which I have not described yet. Also some things, which one knows similarly from home.
At the same time, I give some price examples, both in normal areas and in touristic environments, so that one sees the level. As a reminder: The Quetzal is currently (February 2018) at 9 Quetzales for one euro.

In the bakery

Donuts con manjar. These are a kind of Berliner (kind of doughnut without hole in the middle) stuffed with sweet pudding. In the bakery on the way to the market in Chimaltenango 50 Centavos the piece. In Flores, Peten on the go to Tikal 5 quetzales (10 times more expensive).
There are also empanadas, piedras, pastetes, milhojas and panes with manjar. In each case a little different dough with sweet, thick pudding filling

Boca del reina (mouth of the queen): banana bread.  In Chimaltenango 1 Quetzal, in Antigua 3 Quetzales.

In the street or in the comedor (simple street restaurant) / eatery

Kak ik. Turkey soup with a lot of turkey, vegetables and tortillas. In Chimaltenango, in the Comedor it tasted like good home cooked food. Price incl. a Coke was 29 Quetzales. In a restaurant in Antigua, the same dish tasted a bit bland and the waiter asked every 5 minutes, if I liked it (this is unusual to germans, there is even a funny sketch with Loriot, who makes fun about this strange behavior!). But the Kak ik costed 80 Quetzales, plus 10 Quetzales for the Coke, plus 10% tip unsolicited on the bill pitched (so more than three times the price in Chima).
Pupusas. Stuffed tortillas with cheese or with chipilin (native herb). Mostly served with tomato sauce and coleslaw. The pupusas in El Salvador taste better, probably because in Guatemala good cheese is rare. But in order to buy something warm in the evening, without risk of stomach problems, they are a good alternative in Guatemala. In our settlement 3Quetzales 50Centavos, in the city center of Chimaltenango 5 Quetzales, in Antigua around 7 Quetzales.
Ponche = fruit punch (without alcohol). In our settlement 3 Quetzales. Here it is a big mug with hot punch and many fruit pieces (pineapple, papaya, mango). In the city center of Quetzaltenango small mug with few pieces of fruit for 8 quetzales.

Garnachos. Small pan-fried corn tortillas, with different toppings. Tastes delicious. Price comparison difficult, since it depends on the surface.

Molletes. Sweet dish. Looks like black pancake. Extremely sweet and intense aromatic taste. Very well! I have always seen the price of 8-10 quetzales. Unfortunately, no idea what’s inside (except obviously eggs and sugar).

Mollejas.Not to be confused with Molletes. Mollejas is chicken gizzards. Who likes it from home, will like it here too. Otherwise, everyone can decide if he likes to try. Usually a bit tough but OK.

That’s it for this time. Until new food comes to my mouth again!

In the next article about food,  I will show some fruits and vegetables you may still not know: Return!




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