Museum of national history / Museo de la historia nacional

Two weeks ago, I visited the Museum of the nacional history in Guatemala City. Here comes my Report.

Where do you find it?

It is easy. Reaching zona 1, you only have to go to the block at 9th Avenida / 10th calle. The Museum is located in the old building, where formerly the Offices of the registry of properties where located.


The entrance fee is 50 Quetzales for foreigners (about 7$).

Part 1:

At the base Level, you can find the part of the museum, where the colonial art is located. I am always in a bad mood, while I am looking at the sculptures of bleeding Jesus, Maria and so on. Every Piece of art is in dark colors. Maybe this is due to the age, because the colors tend to darken after some centuries. It is the same kind of religious art, you may find in every museum of colonial art, all over latin america, but just a small and poor selection of this stuff.

Part 2:

At the second floor, you find all types of art but mainly photos and paintings, beginning from the declaration of Independence, until the latest presidents (dictators), that ruled Guatemala. For all those fans, who are deeply interested in Guatemalan history, it may be nice to see the paintings and photos of  Rufus Barrios and Reina Barrios, of Cabrera, Ubico and Arbenz etc. It gives you a closer idea of their personality and you wonder, if the had any idea, about the Mayan People who lived in their country. Obviously, Guatemala has been governed only by white men of European descent. Currently, there is a Special photo exhibition about Jacobo Arbenz and his time. You can learn some nice details about theman and the circumstances of which lead to his deposition. I found it particularly interesting, that most European countries refused to offer asylum to the ex-president, due to the pressure of the United States.

The Museum is not really large. You should calculate about two hours slowly Walking and contemplating for the tour. The staff is friendly and informed in case there are any questions.

My personal summary and advice:

If you are nerd in guatemalan history and you are visiting the zona 1 anyway, it is a nice extra, to spend a bit of your leisure time in “El museo del la historia nacional”.

In the other case, it is probably not worth the 50 Quetzales.

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