Good intentions for the new year?

Hello Latin America fans!

Do you also have new resolutions for the New Year? For example, save more money, lose weight, read more books, do more for education or just become a better person.

Of course I keep my fingers crossed for everyone, that it works for him and with strong motivation it can work out too! But we know how it usually ends. After a few weeks, it is already over, with the good intentions for January.

As a consolation for all, I found a super video on Face. The intentions of January, by the three sad tigers (Propositos de enero, de los tres tristes Tigres). The young band from Mexico is just awesome. Just listen 2-3 times, then you understand the text well (if you speak spanish!!!). A little tip: what sounds like “sigo siendo el mismo buey” is: “sigo siendo el mismo wey”. Means something like “I’ll stay the same (old) dork” as before.

Enter youtube and type: tres tristes tigres propositos del ano nuevo. It will show you this funny video.



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