Deutschem wird teures Fahrrad geklaut


Stolen bicycle in Zona 1

As the “Prensa libre” newspaper reported on 6.3.2016, the German tourist Peter Krinninger in a hotel in Zona 1 of the capital, lost it bicycle. It was stolen! The bike had a value of about 3000$ and he was on a several thousand kilometer long journey, which ended here.

What shall one say?

Carrying such an expensive bike, in a country like Guatemala is always a risk. The hotels in Zona 1, are not extremely safe. You must make use of them with a certain degree of caution. In any case you should talk a little longer with the hotel staff and try to get a feeling, of what kind of people the operators are. And first of all: The bicycle MUST stay, locked in the room, never in the yard!!!

During the years, there were a lot of cyclists, who crossed Central America and Guatemala. Some enjoyed the ride and had no problems. Others had bad experiences. Robbed, assaulted or children in the highlands throw stones at them.

Be open but not careless!

A certain caution, a trace of mistrust should always be present in your head. Sounds wrong, but you are better off, if you trust only people, you already know a little bit better.


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