Have you ever watched “El chavo del ocho”

Roberto Gómez Bolaños

best known as “EL CHAVO” (the boy), died 28th of november 2014 in Cancun. In honor to this famous and somehow important actor, a few words…

Everyone, who has never seen the Mexican children’s series, which is known to virtually everyone in Central America and even South America, has never had close contact, with a native middle or lower class family. Even if the humor of the series (adults who act as children) may not be pleasant to everyone, the Chavo’s sayings do not get by and are used by a lot of people. It is a must to know this TV-broadcast.

When someone quotes the chavo’s sayings in everyday life (which are grammatically incorrect and spiked with fancy words), every local knows immediately what is meant. On the Internet, you can watch many episodes of the series about the Chavo, of course in Spanish (and a fancy figure who is peformed by the same actor = El Chapulin colorado) for free.

Just type: “Chavo del ocho” using youtube and you have the choice!!!

A few common sayings with translation attached:

  •     Se me chispoteo means: “that slipped out of me
  •     Fue sin querer, queriendo, means: I did not do it for purpose, but I wanted to do it anyway.
  •     Bueno, pero no se enoje, o.k. good but do not be angry
  •     Lo sospeche desde un principio, I guessed it from the beginning.
  • Have a look at the videos, it is worth the time, because almost every (former) child in Latinamerica knows this stuff.